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Nigerian Musician Caught By Police For Robbery



Lagos state Police command has paraded a 25 year old aspiring musician named John Sunday for armed robbery.
Sunday told reporters he went to the illegal route to get N100,000 to promote his reggae album.
He said: “I am a musician from Ikofepepe in Akwa Ibom State. We were three in the gang, but one is on the run. I needed money to launch my album, Tureke Reggae; that is why I went into robbery. I was targeting N100,000″ .
His partner, John Onyekachi Oshomi (right in the picture above) said he was a bus conductor and went into robbery to feed his family. The two were was arrested on November 21st.
He said:  “I was a commercial bus conductor. We were operating on the Agege Total-Oshodi route. I just got married, but my wife is still in the village. I was looking for money to feed her whenever she comes to Lagos; that was why I went into armed robbery. ” Sunday confessed.
The Lagos state police commisioner revealed that they where able to apprehend the robbers off a tip  on November 21 at 10pm that some armed robbers were planning to rob in Lagos

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