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Mtn Introduce New Smartphone Data Plan 4.5GB for 2,500 – Different From Night Plan!



Couples of days ago, MTN posted on their twitter page as part of their surprise for the season introducing a Special Smartphone Plan.
This plan gives you 4.5GB for N2,500. To browse all day all night!
According to MTN, unlike the night plan we all know, 1.5GB is meant for the day while 3.GB is meant for the night. Meaning from 6:01 am to 8:59pm, you’ll be using 1.5GB; while form 9pm to 6am it switches to 3GB. So you no longer have to wait till your 1.5GB is finished before you start using the 3GB.
Difference between the new plan and the Night plan we all know:-
1). For this new plan, you can use 1.5GB during the day while from 9:00Pm to 6am, the data charges  switches automatically to that of 3GB. In order words, you won’t be charged from your 1.5GB bonus during the night period but will be charged from the normal 3GB data.
2). You activate this plan by sending 120 while you activate Night plan by sending 102.
How To Activate
Step 1: Load your phone with  #2,500
Step 2: send 120 to 131 and it will be activated for you.
It works on all smartphone and PC.

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