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I Did Not Insure My Breast For N256 Million – Cossy



Contrary to tales that controversial actress, Cossy Orjiakor has insured her breasts for N256 million, the fair skinned actress turned singer has denied it. Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly in a telephone chat, she said: “I have heard the story as well. I wonder where it is coming from. Though it is not a terrible story, it is not true. That is how they said I had HIV sometime back. I don’t know why they are spreading falsehood.
“I have insured a couple of things, but not my breasts. Even if the breasts sag after having children, I’ll rather go abroad to have surgery than to insure my breasts. Insurance is a good thing but the fact remains that you cannot get the money until something goes wrong with the breasts. The person will be dead. So what is the need of spending so much on the money you can enjoy.
“If any woman thinks her boobs are worth insuring, she can go ahead, but have it at the back of your mind that you might not be alive to spend the money”.
Speaking also on the issue of naming her breasts and charging producers according to the number of times each breast appears in a movie, she maintained:
“Does that even make sense? How will I name my boobs? When it comes to something personal, I don’t like putting it on the pages of newspapers. The story is far from the truth.”
The news went viral on social media a couple of days back that the actress had insured her boobs. It was alleged that the breasts were insured with the Enhanced Silicon Incorporated Company. The company was said to have insured famous foreign celebrities’ breasts like Pamela Anderson and Dolly Parton.
It was alleged that Cossy insured her boobs after a meeting with an American friend, who also allegedly facilitated the deal with the American company.
Sources also alleged that the singer gave each breast a name and as such, her breasts must be treated as people in any future movie role she gets. It was further alleged that, Enhanced Silicon Inc will henceforth determine how much a movie producer will pay each breast for an appearance in a movie.
The deal was purportedly sealed after she celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks back. It was also alleged that Cossy will be travelling to Los Angeles, California, United States of America, in a week to sign the dotted lines. However, the actress has washed her hands off the tale, insisting that all is falsehood.

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