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HEARTLESS! Woman Dumps Her Day Old Baby into the Toilet In Anambra



A woman from Okpoko, Ogbaru LGA, Anambra State, dumped her one-day-old baby into the toilet.
The news broke out on Thursday, November 27, and came as a shock for the community residents, Nigerian Tribune reports.
According to the reports, the housewife used to have a protruded stomach thus nobody was aware that she was pregnant.
Upon the delivery, the woman has allegedly dumped the newborn baby into the toilet. She was reportedly scared that the child could disturb her business.
However, her act did not remain unnoticed as her brother-in-law who went to the toilet realized that it was chocked and that water did not flush the waste.
Thus, the man dipped his hand into the toiled to find a placenta inside. Terrified, he started shouting and attracted the neighbours’ attention. Soon many people gathered at the scene and removed the corpse of a baby from the toilet.
It was not hard to understand who was behind the act as the family members saw traces of blood stain on the woman’s clothes.
She denied being involved. However, she was forced to the maternity home where the medics confirmed that she had given birth to a baby.
The woman’s husband refused to comment on the incident only saying that his wife was taken into the custody of the local police.
Anambra command PPRO, Uche Eze, denied possessing knowledge of the incident adding that if it was true they would soon receive the details from the DPO of Okpoko Police Station.
Such terrible stories unfortunately happen every once in while throughout the world.
It was reported earlier in September that a Chinese woman wanted to hide her pregnancy by pulling the newborn baby down the toilet pipe. But people heard the child crying and immediately alerted the rescuers. Luckily, the child was removed from the trap alive.

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