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'I Will Sing Again Once The Right Song Comes' – Genevieve Nnaji



Popular actress, Genevieve Nnaji, made a brief foray into the music industry some years ago with the release of her song, “No more Crying,” and one can safely say she bit more than she could chew on that particular adventure.
The song was met with sharp criticism from members of the public who advised her to stick to her area of strength which is acting.
Genevieve Nnaji while re-launching her clothing line she said, I might sing again if the right song comes and singing shouldn’t be ruled out from her.
“I think everything comes at its own time, fashion is here at its own time. I don’t fight anything.
“I don’t believe I must do everything but if the right song comes and the right situation arises for me to lend my voice, I would definitely. So no, it’s not ruled out, don’t worry,” she said.

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