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Peter Okoye of P-square To Float Own Record Label, P-Classic Records?



P-Square not again. Just this year alone, the P-square group has been faced with lots family challenges which caused serious stare and left many tongues wagging across boards.
In early April 2014, speculations went viral that the pop duo, might be on the verge of breaking up due to a misunderstanding they had between each other.
In late September, while some were blaming it on Peter’s wife, Lola Okoye, some were blaming it on other deep issues. Well, the music duo have come out to clear the air when they featured on ‘The Truth’ with Olisa.
According to them the rift had nothing to do with money, wives or anything else but what caused it all was choice of music between the twins. They explained that they have arguments at intervals on the type of music they should do and that could happen to anybody.
Peter said, “the truth but nothing but the truth is that it has nothing to do with money, it has nothing to do with women, it is just a normal thing the way you argue or quarrel with your siblings, it is normal, the sad thing about it is that it got out, after all when it was happening we were still performing in shows, so people took our private life to our business, I don’t blame this fans after all we owe them apologizes, but for the fact that they took it too far. Yes I and Paul had a rift, I think it was mere argument.
In 1st of September, in a radio interview, the Multiple award-winning duo revealed that they do not live together with their respective wives noting that by December 2014, they would be moving to their various houses (ostensibly to stay with their wives).
After all said and done, the twins got along that they even toured various media houses in the country and traveled to various African countries together to promote their album ‘Double Trouble,’ which went as far as earning them an endorsement deal with Skols alcoholic drink in Congo.
Furthermore, after their recent Dubai tour, speculations had it that Peter Okoye, was preparing to put pen to paper for an endorsement deal with Olympic milk which eventually became true and eye brows were raised that something could be fishing as all endorsement deals have always been with the twins and not one person alone.
Barely a week he signed the deal, rumour has it that the dancer cum singer has decided to float his own record label. What a hit, all in 2014.
It was learnt that the dancer is already shopping for artistes to bring on board his new label known as ‘PClassic Record Label.’

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