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OMG!: Lagos Nude Club Owner Reveals How Much Strippers Take Home Per Week



Lagos most popular nude club owner, Shina Eddo has made known a rather shocking revelation about the benefits attached to being a stripper.
Shina Eddo, who is the the owner of Cave Night Club, Shina Eddo, has revealed that his strippers get as high  as N150,000 per week, totaling a take-home ofN600,000 per month.
Shina made it known that his girls are always very very happy because of the way they are treated at work because just like every professional job in Nigeria, there are terms and conditions that majorly put the strippers into serious consideration.
He further revealed in a recent interview with News Of The People, that most of his girls are undergraduates who are bread winners of their respective families. Making it known that just like every other profession, being a stripper is a profession not only in Nigeria but abroad. Shina said:
”Actually the kind of money they make help them to take care of a lot of issues, like most of them are in school and you can imagine when you are in school and in a situation where you have to sleep with a guy to get 5/10 thousand or what have you, but here you don’t have to sleep with anyone.
In a strip club or you have to do is lap dance a guy or sit on him, when you sit on him, you whine and he gives you money, some can give you N5000, some can give you N10,000, some can even give you N20,000, it depends.
In this place, a girl makes up to N150, 000 in a week. We open on Tuesdays to Sundays and we go off on Mondays. If a girl makes up to a N150,000 in a week, that is about N600,000 in a month and when she goes out to tell her friends that this is the kind of money she makes, her friend will want to come too and that is why they keep coming from different parts of the world.
So the kind of money they make here enables them to take care of their parents, some of them have kids, some of them help their siblings, those going to school take care of their school needs and sort a lot of issues for them.
We have accommodation here at no cost and they have all the freedom here, they are making good money and they catch all the fun. We have a clientele, the big boys come here, they come, they don’t pay anything for accommodation, they don’t pay for feeding, their welfare are well taken good care of and they make good money, so that is why they all keep tripping in.
Other girls all over Nigeria, once they hear what we pay them here, they keep coming in and we keep having them, we should have about 70 girls if I am not mistaking.”
It would be recalled that just yesterday, self acclaimed most intelligent woman in Nigeria, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, who is a daughter of former governor of Oyo State, Victor Olunloyo, dropped a shocker by revealing the photos and names of men who begged her for sex.

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