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I Hate Seeing My Colleagues Forming Fake Accents- Emeka Ike Blast Nollywood Actors



Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike has been off the scene for years. In a recent interview Daily Independent,  the one-time Nollywood lover boy speaks on his absence from the Nollywood scene.
According to the actor, Nollywood has lost it’s salt. He also went ahead to state that five people in the industry have taken over the guild.
« “I have stopped acting for a while now because the industry has lost its salt. The actors were putting some acts that were annoying me. I acted in Nigerian movies with a Nigerian accent, but other countries shouldn’t come here and try to change our accent. When I see my colleagues forming fake accents, I always wonder, ‘What’s wrong with this one?’ If you are an Indian, you do it like the Indians, likewise other countries. I must tell you, I am too busy for that. So I got myself busy with other better things than living fake Nollywood life.”
«”There are five people who have taken the law of Nigerian movie industry into their hands. They are Emma Ogugua, Murphy Stephen, Sunny McDon, Okey Bakassi and Ifeanyi Dikeh. These five people registered AGN as their personal business. No other individual can come in.
«The idea is money rules the world. Money is the main reason they are there. There are some people who rejoice whenever Nigeria is losing in a football match. Some other people make more money when Nigeria loses match in an international stadium. Some people just sit and wait for things to go wrong in Nigeria, that’s when they make huge money.
« These people you can’t do anything to them. They are the enemies of the nation. They are in every sector; banking, oil and gas, and the entertainment industry is not left out. They make things not to work, but they, as individuals are going forward. But we have to try to get these kinds of people off our back to be able to move forward.
«”We have had AGN for long, but I can’t remember the last time we had actors’ congress, where all speak their minds on issues bothering the industry. The last congress was when Vivian Ejike was still here, Kate Henshaw too was still very much in the business.”

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