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'Jonathan’s Re-Election A Must' — Ijaw National Congress



Ijaw National Congress, INC, has asked President Goodluck Jonathan to declare now his intention to run for a second tenure in the 2015 presidential election.
The congress noted that the delay by Dr. Jonathan to declare his re-election bid was giving underserved impulsion to some groups as the Northern Elders Forum, NEF, to say the President should forget about his re-contesting, if the Chibok girls were not freed by October.
Acting National President of INC, Engr. Charles Ambaiowei, who said this during the inauguration ceremony of the new executive of Abuja chapter of Ijaw National Congress, said it was compulsory that the incumbent must run for a second tenure in 2015.
He said: “Congress hereby strongly urge President Goodluck Jonathan to declare to contest for the 2015 presidential election now because delay in this regard is giving underserved impetus to groups like, the Northern Elders Forum, NEF, who declared that in case of the non-release of the Chibok girls by October, the President forfeits any option of re-contesting.
“The INC violently disagrees with the position of the NEF and further believes that their position can neither fall the heavens nor bring the Nigeria roof over our heads in this democratic dispensation.”
Ambaiowei, irked by the position of NEF, queried: “Who is speaking from that tower of Babel? We are talking about a constitutional guarantee that the president has. And in as much as we are all deeply sympathetic and hurt that young girls are abducted and held hostage by cannibals in the form of the Boko Haram.
“That aspect of their not being released by our military and other security forces of this country, even though we know they have the capacity but we are only trying to minimise collateral damage. This minuscule issue cannot overshadow the overall achievements President Jonathan.”
delivered by way of his transformation agenda to Nigeria and Nigerians.
“The records are very clear. And this is the reason why we cannot, and will violently disagree with the position of the Northern Elders forum.”
On the INC, Engr. Ambaiowei, who expressed concern over recent development affecting the congress, said: “Let me make it abundantly clear that as an organisation representing the interest of the people, Congress is not only embarrassed but dismayed about the outcome of the just concluded national conference as regards redressing the core issues Ijaws have been canvassing for decades in this country.
“Ijaw people, our agitation is to create a true federalism in Nigeria under the frame work of highly empowered federating regions with homogenous Ijaw states to put an end to our balkanisation in six states as it is currently.
“While Toru-ebe State is out rightly not recommended, even the recommended Oil Rivers State fall short of the homogeneity we proposed.
“Though Nigeria is in troubling and trying times today or even with other internal contradictions and dynamics of the Ijaw struggle which have changed between yesterday military and today civil eras, let me tell you of a truth that our congress and its NEC have proved to be great in leadership without failing the Dr. Cornel West’s enunciated standards.”
In his acceptance remarks, the newly elected chairman of INC Abuja chapter, Mr. Ebizimoh Okolo, said his administration would mobilize the entire Ijaws in the FCT to participate and vote massively in the forthcoming general elections, especially in support of President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election bid.
Okolo said he would establish a forum where the various Ijaw communities/association leaders in the FCT would meet with his exco periodically to discuss issues of common interests of all the Ijaws

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