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Mother Plucks Out 5-Year-Old Son's Eyes For Refusing To Worship Satan



A five-year-old boy frightened by a bizarre satanic ritual was blinded by his own family. His mother, aunt, two uncles and grandparents gouged out his eyes with a spoon when he refused to close them as they summoned the devil, calling on him to end the world and claim them for his own.
Neighbors disturbed by the screams and chanting investigated and discovered Maria del Carmen Garcia Rios, 28, her sister and two brothers and her parents engaged in the satanic ritual in the poor Nezahualcoyotl area near Mexico city. A court heard the six danced and cavorted and were told to close their eyes so they didn’t look at the devil when he arrived. But when petrified five-year-old Fernando was scared by the commotion, his mother and sister grabbed a spoon and used it to gouge out the child’s eyes. All five family members were sentenced to 30 years each. Neighbor Joaquin Arguellor told the court he thought the family were devout and deeply religious, not Satanists. He said: “We could hear screaming and we were banging on the door but nobody was answering, then a police patrol came past and one of the women who was with us ran into the road to flag it down, and officers forced their way inside.”
Officer Benet Curiel said they witnessed a scene of horror inside. Scantily-clad satanists were hunched over the screaming boy in the kitchen and the two women were covered in blood: “We called for an ambulance and kept the group against the wall at gunpoint away from the boy.
“I asked one of the women what was going on and she told me her name was Carmen Rios Garcia, and that the boy was her son.
“She identified him as Fernando Caleb Alvarado Rios, and said that she and her sister Lizbeth had done it.” She admitted that she had told him repeatedly to close his eyes and when he had told her “No, I do not want to close them” she had ordered the others to help remove his eyes.The youngster has since been given glass eyes which Mexican health officials said would be constantly replaced as he grew older.

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