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Jonathan Has Failed – Governor Kwankwaso Blasts Jonathan



Kano State Governor, Rabi’u Kwankwaso has blasted President Goodluck Jonathan over the way he his handling for issue of Boko Haram in the country.
Governor Kwankwaso while speaking  at the Progressives Governors Forum Lecture Series in Owerri, Imo State tagged “Dealing with the Challenge of Building Physically Healthy Nation through Preventive, Protective and Innovative medicine” accused the president of spending time comparing himself with other first class leaders across the world rather than put an end to terrorism.
Governor Kwankwaso said: “Let me take the opportunity to comment on the issue raised by our host, Chief Rochas Okorocha on the issue of Boko Haram. To me and many of us, who are very close to the frontline, the issue is not who is Boko Haram and who is not Boko Haram.”
“The issue is not the party which supports or party which does not support, but the issue is that some people have taken arms. And from our own side we believe whether these people belong to party A or party B, whether anybody is supporting or not supporting is not the issue.
“The issue is the Commander-in-Chief should go and stop what is happening in this country. And it is very clear to all of us that the Commander-in-Chief has failed. Innocent people are being killed. Government must not allow people to take guns, go to the market, go to the churches, go to the mosques, go to Nyanya, go to UN Building and everywhere to kill people.
“Government, especially Commander-in-Chief must stop. I think that is the issue as far as we are concerned. I find it very insulting to see those who have failed in their primary assignments insulting us on NTA and other televisions, wearing uniform, comparing themselves, pretending to be first class leaders like Barack Obama, like Mandela and other leaders who have protected their people. Many of us are beginning to wonder whether we have Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces or Commander-in-Chief of NTA.”
Mr. Kwankwaso, also commended the National Chairman of the APC, John Odigie-Oyegun and urged him to lead the party to victory in 2015 saying:
“He is the one of the most experienced politicians in this country. Continue to lead us right so that so that we have the opportunity to kick out the incompetent administration in Abuja just like we are kicking out Ebola. Mr. Chairman, at the end of the day by the grace of God, in 2015 we will have a progressive government at the centre, states and local governments,” he said.
Governor Kwankwaso who reportedly made his intention to run for President in 2015 Elections on the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC) has in recent times put President Jonathan on a blast.
It would be recalled in July 2014, Governor Kwankwaso accused President Jonathan’s Administration of being the most corrupt in the country.
Just recently, in August, Kwankwaso condemned the just concluded National Conference, as he described it as a scheme inaugurated by President Goodluck Jonathan to stay in power.
Kwankwaso, in August revealed that the All Progressive Party will ensure President Jonathan doesn’t win the 2015 Presidential Elections

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