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HEARTLESS: 3 Nuns Molested And Brutally Murdered In Burundi (Photo)



Two nuns Olga Raschietti, 83, and Lucia Pulici, 75 were stabbed to death on Sunday afternoon. The killer then battered one of the two with a rock, before fleeing the convent.
The third nun, Ms Boggia, aged 79 found the pair and raised the alarm.
But in the early hours of Monday morning, she was killed, her body beaten and head hacked off.
Burundi’s police said the motive of the killing was not clear, pointing out that no money was taken.Police spokesman Colonel Helmegilde Harimenshi said all three were molested.
Father Mario Pulcini, an Italian Catholic priest working in the same parish, said after the first two nuns were killed, Boggia had called him in the middle of the night reporting that she had heard a noise in the convent.
“The body of Sister Bernadette was found lying in a pool of blood, her head decapitated, and her face bore signs of beating,” he told AFP in shock.
The perpetrators had abused her, as they had violated the other two sisters earlier.”
The suspected killer in the first attack was seen fleeing the convent with a knife in his hand and Police sources suggested the third nun was killed by an accomplice who had hidden in the convent.
Police spokesman Colonel Helmegilde Harimenshi said three men were being questioned

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