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Don’t Play Politics With LASU Fees -APC To PDP



The All Progressives Congress, Lagos Chapter, yesterday, said the state government took a hard decision to reverse the LASU school fees in the overall interest of 25million Lagosians so that Lagos PDP will not continue to use it to score cheap political points.
In a statement signed by the State Publicity Secretary, Mr. Joe Igbokwe, the Party said the government reversed a robust decision meant to facilitate, and speed up the building of a world class university that befits the status of Lagos so that villains will not turn out to be heroes overnight.
The statement said, “PDP Lagos thinks they have found something tangible to help them sell a useless product called PDP in Lagos but they have found nothing as the rug has been removed from under their feet. Their PDP keeps almost 60 per cent revenue allocations and starve the 36 States including Abuja and the 774 Local Government.
“Their PDP sells our crude oil and decides how much to keep, and how much to declare to Nigerians, and even the money they declare as earnings from sales of crude oil, they steal a large chunk of it. Nigerians are yet to know the truth about the missing US$20billion they kept aside for 2015 elections.
Their PDP has been raising the fuel price since 1999, they have raised school fees in Federal Universities and other federal institutions. They have raised PHCN tariff several times without supplying electricity. Their PDP has raised import duties, they have raised fees even to secure driver’s licence, they have raised fees to secure even our Nigerian passport, and they have raised the price of kerosene, used by the common people. We can go on and on.
“We live in a country where villains become heroes overnight, and heroes running the risk of becoming villains. We live in a country where the ruling party creates massive poverty in the land and turns around to use our money to bribe the voters every four years in the name of politics of stomach infrastructure. Governor Fashola of APC has cleaned up Lagos State, and secured the State for Nigerians and foreign investors. APC has raised the bar for politics of ideas in Nigeria, we have been doing things differently in Nigeria, and we have proved that Nigeria is not a basket case.”

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