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BREAKING: New Ebola Case Recorded In Lagos



A fresh case of infection with the deadly tropical virus Ebola has been recorded in Lagos.
According to Premium Times, Nigeria’s Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu made this known today, September 8. The new patient is linked with Nigeria’s index case Patrick Sawyer, who brought the virus to the country from Liberia end of July: it is the finance of one of Sawyer’s primary contacts.
While briefing journalists, Chukwu mentioned however that the primary contact had fully recovered from Ebola.
The number of people, who contracted the EVD in Nigeria thus totals 19. Out of these nineteen 7 died and 10 won the fight with the virus, as confirmed by the minister.
Chukwu also said that the sister of Port Harcourt doctor Ikechukwu Enemuo, who secretly treated the first Ebola patient in Rivers State and later died himself from the disease, had been discharged from the hospital after the successful recovery.
Chukwu provided another good piece of news saying that the total number of those under surveillance in Lagos has reduced to 27, with 5 Ebola-free people recently discharged after passing the 21-day observation period.
There are still 477 people under surveillance in Port Harcourt. However according to Chukwu doctor Enemuo’s wife was recovering and would soon be discharged. Thus, there would remain one Ebola case in the country.
The latest reports say that African Union chiefs are currently holding an emergency meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, over Ebola spread in West Africa and the ways of dealing with it.

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