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Adultery Scandal Rocks Methodist Church



Controversy has trailed the reinstatement of one Methodist Church priests, Rev Abayomi Okesanya who was sent on suspen­sion for alleged adultery as church members at the Ereko circuit, Di­ocese of Lagos, Methodist Church of Nigeria are protesting his return.
Aggrieved members of the church located at No 18 Ereko Street, Idumota, Lagos have vowed to re­sist the return of the priest.
According to The Sun, the Priest’s wife, Yemisi Okesanya accused him of impregnating another woman.
Meanwhile some members of the congregation, who spoke with Saturday Sun, claimed that they were shocked by his sudden return despite the fact he is living with another woman apart from his legally married wife.
Determined to draw the attention of the church to what they described as an attempt by some leaders of the church to disregard biblical and age-long doctrine, members of the church told Satur­day Sun that the cause of the problem can be traced to the couple’s childless state.
According to a woman leader in the church: “He has been married for years and unfortunately, no child came out of it. Unknown to his wife, Rev Okesanya, with the aid of his family, made another arrangement and kept a mistress aside who started breeding kids for him. When the wife finally realised what had hap­pened, it caused much crisis at home and eventually her exit in 2008.
This very man had two kids abroad before he got married. Assuming it was a child that is his problem, he already had two. You can imag­ine what ordinary members of the church who do not have kids will do if they find themselves in a child­less situation. Most of us still believe in Methodist church, but if this is allowed to continue, they will lose so many members and I will be one of them.”
A priest in the church told Saturday Sun that the main issue is that the church should not allow a man who is living with another woman while his wife is still alive, to mount the pul­pit. “It is wrong and bad for the image of the church. A lot of Christians live by what they see or observe. You cannot tell people to go home and resolve their problems. They will surely make reference to this case. I do not know why he was allowed to return to the church as a priest. It is wrong and totally against the church doctrine. If he had repented, it is a differ­ent thing all together”, he stated.
Another priest in the church, Deacon Bode collaborating the claims of the others said. “I am not judging him but the Bible says we should re­pent from our wicked way and stay away from such act. There is no need to talk about investigation because the message is clear. He is living with an illegitimate wife who had given birth to four kids for him. Why should they allow him to mount the pulpit again? No one will talk about it if he was just a member of the church. I guess there are so many men into this these days but they do not ridicule the word of God by throwing it at the face of the church. What I fail to understand is why the presbyter could be shielding him.”
A member of the church however, pleaded that members of the church should mind their business and allow God to be the judge in this case. “It is true that he is separated from his wife and is living with another woman. I do not attend church be­cause of any man or woman but am guid­ed by my conscience and what the Bible says.”
Meanwhile when Saturday Sun contacted Rev Oke­sanya on phone, he described it as mere rumour and should not be taken seriously.
However, Rev.Okesanya’s estranged wife had a different response saying: “I am a Christian and I have decided to forgive him and move on with my life. The truth is that if I decide to take it personal and habour hate against him, I will also live a depressed life.”
“The past prelate called me when the matter came up. The archbishop also called and was investigating the matter. They have been investigating the matter but God knows that I have forgiven him and even if he decides to repent, I am not willing to

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