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SHOCKING: Man Murdered At Place Of Work (PHOTOS)



A young man, Chris Onaghise, who worked with Lagoon Restaurant in Victoria Island in Lagos until his demise, has been gruesomely murdered while at work.
The deceased father, Mr. Orobosa Onaghisewho was troubled and shocked about the events surrounding the shocking death of his son has employed the works of popular human rights activist, Festus Keyamo to help get to the root of the suspicious incident that killed his son.
In the petition written to the Inspector General of Police from Festus Keyamo chambers, it was made known that the father of the deceased got a call from one of the staff of the Lagoon Restaurant who didn’t want to be identified, telling him that a tragedy had befallen his son at work. The father of the deceased was told that his son fell into the lagoon while on duty very early that Monday morning, 16th June, 2014.
Although, the father of the deceased got to the place two hours after he got the strange call, he was also told by Mr. Rami, the Managing Director of the Lagoon Restaurant that the body of his dead son is still in the lagoon as there were no life jackets, divers and other swimming apparatus to help salvage the young man. The father of the deceased was however apprehended by a supposed police officer from the Bar Beach Police Station due to his persistence and disturbing manner at which he was asking the manager about the events that transpired to the death of his son. In which later he was told that investigations on the death of his son had been concluded as many eye witnesses had attested to the fact that the young man slipped into the lagoon at about 10pm that same day.
Suspecting fowl play, the father of the deceased decide to visit the Bar Beach Police Station himself to talk with the Divisional Police Officer who to his surprise revealed he did not have any record of that incident. The DPO requested for the body of the dead young man to be provided since the father of the deceased has not been allowed to see the body of his since the unfortunate incident. The body was covered with blood, looking like a case of battery as against the drown symptoms expected to be seen.
In the petition, the Festus Keyamo Chambers has however asked the following questions which they think will obviously bring to light many truths about this unfortunate incident:
;1. Why is the obvious physical state of the body of the deceased inconsistent with the management narration of events leading to the death?
2. In the unlikely event that the management of Lagoon Restaurant’s account of events is accurate, what are the safety measures put in place by the management of the Lagoon Restaurant to prevent such occurrence, since it carries on business in a high risk environment?
3. Why was the staff that called to inform our client of the incident sacked immediately?
4. Why did the management of the Lagoon Restaurant break into the deceased personal locker while the key to the said locker was found on the deceased’s body?
The petition on a closing remark included this: We are consequently constrained to write this petition to your exalted office as our client has become increasingly frustrated with the nonchalant attitude with which the Bar Beach Police Station is handling the investigations and the desperate efforts of Mr. Rami, the Managing Director of the Lagoon Restaurant (a Lebanese national) to conceal and destroy evidence that will aid the authorities to resolve all the queries raised by the foregoing facts. We therefore urge you to use your good offices to order a full investigation and Coroners Inquest for the purpose of resolving the foregoing questions and consequently prefer criminal charges against all those found culpable. We anticipate your urgent intervention in this matter
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