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Police Woman Fights With Conductor And Driver In Enugu (Photos)



A police woman who stays along the popular Amokwe bus stop in Enugu, put up a surprising action today, as she exchange blows with a conductor, his driver who ply the New Layout route .
The Police woman had claimed the driver nearly ran over her the previous day when she asked them to stop (probably to collect the usual 20/50 naira). And when she saw the same bus that nearly ran over her yesterday, she rushed and jumped into the bus.
After the conductor, driver, and other passenger had pleaded with her to alight and allow them continue their journey,saying that it was too early for that. the police woman still refused and discharged all passengers in the vehicle.
This got the conductor angry that he pulled the woman out of the bus, and the police woman replied with a blow on the conductors face. Before we knew what was going on, the police officer cloth have being torn into pieces.
The conduct and driver are currently cooling of in the police cell at CPS
See photos below ……I didn’t upload some so as not to infringe on anybody’s right

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