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PHOTOS: Bride Set On Fire By Groom For Sleeping With Her Ex-Lover On Wedding Night



A 27-year-old woman has been set ablaze by her 30-year-old husband of just a day after their wedding.
UK Daily Mail reports that Ivan Kuzmin, who was the new husband of Veronica Filipova before the unfortunate incident, poured an alcoholic content used in making homemade Vodka, on his wife of one day.
Police reported that Veronica Filippova had went in search of her ex on the day of her wedding after her new husband, Ivan Kuzmin, slept off at the reception venue of their wedding due to too much alcohol. The wife decided to taunt her new husband because he slept off on her during their reception. This was reportedly the main reason that has made her to go after her ex, sleeping at his side.
However, it was reported that Veronica, whose conscience could not withhold the wrong she committed on her wedding night, told her new husband what happened the previous night when he was totally drunk. The husband was furious about what he was told and decided to pour a high concentrated alcohol on the wife. Before the wife could escape, he ignited a fire on her with a cigarette lighter.
Later reports, however, showed that Ivan Kuzmin has a criminal record of murder and attempted rape involving an underage girl which he conspicuously hid from his new wife. The new wife, who had a 10-year-old boy from her previous marriage had had 80% burns on her body and died despite frantic efforts by doctors to save her.
However, Ivan Kuzim has confessed to murder after being arrested by police in Volgograd in southern Russia, according to police in the district

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