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Investing money: How To Make Money Using Disqus Comment Box



Many bloggers use disqus comment box on their blog and website, without being aware that they can earn huge amount of’s content at the same time. 
What is Discovery in Disqus?
in internal recirculation and external referral traffic, resulting in increased advertising revenues. Discovery is not just one feature – it is woven throughout Disqus and a driving principle behind our entire platform.
How Discovery Works
The Discovery box presents highly relevant and personalized content recommendations. The Ads recommendations are based on few things:
    1.)The current story and discussion that’s on the page.
    2.)What we think would be most interesting to the specific reader.
    3.)What other users on the page have expressed interest in.
Disqus have a deep and wide perspective on trending topics and engagement across the millions of websites that use Disqus. Also, they have rich insights into their monthly users who view Disqus-powered pages, including what interests them and engages them to comment. We use these data sets to make the best content recommendations for our users. 
The Discovery box generates additional revenue for publishers in two distinct ways because it is comprised of two core components: Internal Discovery and Promoted Discovery.
Internal Discovery makes content recommendations specific to the site your users are on. Internal Discovery leads to increased page views and therefore more opportunities to generate advertising revenues.
Promoted Discovery points users to content that marketers are looking to promote to your audience. As a publisher, you earn a revenue share from Disqus for each click on a promoted content link. Our advertiser partners pay us to distribute this content in relevant places. Disqus has strict content guidelines to make sure we only select high quality stories that are interesting and well written.
The amount you earn varies, depending on your site performance. A number of variables (e.g. click-through rate, your traffic, the type of content you create, what advertisers are looking to promote, etc.) will impact your monetization. they are constantly adding new advertisers who will be interested in your audience and inventory. The aim is to build a strong advertising and monetization ecosystem for publishers and advertisers consisting of a highly liquid marketplace.
Publishers who participate in Promoted Discovery earn money on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. For each click on a Promoted Discovery link on your site, you will earn a percentage of the revenue.
There is no standard revenue share percentage as these percentages vary depending on costs, content and performance.
Payments are currently issued electronically within 2-3 days of the end of the month on a monthly basis. Before a payment can be issued, you must first complete the required payment forms.
Minimum payout is $100.
You can check your earning and performance using this disqus Discovery Analytics, Which shows report on the following key metrics per site:
    1.)Your upcoming payout amount (must be over $100)
    2.)The amount of revenue you are building up over the last 90 days
    3.)Current monthly revenue you are generating
    4.)Earnings and payment history
To access Discovery Analytics follow the steps below:
    *Navigate to the Analytics tab in your Disqus admin
    *Click the Revenue tab to view your revenue.
How to activate Promoted Discovery?
Promoted Discovery is currently invitation only. Newly created sites undergo a 1-3 week evaluation period after creating a forum to determine whether an invitation for Promoted Discovery will be extended. We gauge both the size and engagement of each site’s audience (e.g. comments, visits, organic discovery, etc.).
To make changes to Promoted Discovery (Ads) Settings, you should have full control over Disqus’ Discovery features.
To configure Discovery Ads:
    1.)Navigate to the Ads tab in your Disqus admin > Settings.
    2.)Choose your Promoted Discovery level and image preferences by selecting the appropriate check boxes and clicking “Save Changes.”
Setting up your Ads:
To adjust your Ad content restriction filter:
    Navigate to the General tab in your Disqus admin > Settings.
    Enable or disable Internal Discovery by selecting the Discovery check box and clicking “Save Changes.”
Disqus will choose the placement for the Discovery box to optimize referral traffic and revenue for your site.  Practically speaking, this means the Discovery box may appear at the top and/or the bottom of the Disqus comment embed.
Promoted Discovery is meant to be complementary and additive to other advertising on your site. The Disqus commenting environment is unique and underutilized inventory that represents a new opportunity to generate ad revenue from your sites.
Difference between disqus discovery and other Ads network;
People come to publisher sites to read great content. Most advertising, however, distracts them from that activity by trying to convince them to buy a product or fill out a form. Promoted Discovery aligns publishers’ needs with that of the audience, allowing publishers to profit by showing great content that readers will find interesting and is complementary to the core user experience.
What publisher controls do you offer? Can I block individual advertisers?
We offer you several controls to ensure the Discovery box achieves your business goals, including: (i) brand safety filters, (ii) click fraud and spam filters and (iii) comprehensive reporting.
Will advertisers be able to target my site specifically?
No. Advertisers may target categories of content but not individual sites in the Disqus network. We offer about 15 such categories that represent the millions of websites that use Disqus.
If you’re interested in advertising opportunities with Disqus, send them a line at [email protected].
Or simply visit Here and sign up for disqus recovery.
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