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GOOD NEWS: Ireporter's TV Increase Pay to $10 For Bloggers And Site Owners



Read the message from Irepporter’s TV below:
Hopefully before the end of this week, we will start a Beta test for our upgraded widget. The new widget will have improved functionalities such as the ability to add or remove videos from the widget.
The best part is….. we are going to increase the amount we pay for traffic sent through the widget. Once it is ready, we will pay promoter who sends us traffic through the widget $10 for the Tier 1 countries (US, UK, Australia and Canada) And $5 for the rest of the world.
This will catapult us back to the number one highest paying network again. Hurray!
We have been working hard on some sponsorship that has given us this edge.
We will notify you as soon as it is ready so you all can start making MEGA money through the widget traffic.
If you have any suggestions, comments or ideas please send it through the support box before we go live.
I think this is a nice step. It could be recalled that ireporters lost many of their Ipromoters dues to their recent price slash from $5 to $1 , but now its back and better.

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