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'I Can Slap My Mum for $600million'- Waje



Is Nigeria gradually loosing its values, ethics and morals? Or could it be that the success our young generations are basking in be a contributing factor in the decay of there moral values? respect for elders now no more excist in our society.
Well, most people might want to say that you can do some things all for the sake of the money involved if it’s worth it, while some might not agree. But the question will still be would you disrespect an elder all because of any amount of money involved?
In the early years, children are meant to either kneel down or prostrate and greet their parents depending on the culture. But today, how often do we see children accord their parents and elders this respect?
Wave making singer, Aituaje Iruobe better known as Waje, is in the axe this time as she was answering questions from fans handle recently.
One of her fan asked if she could slap her mum for $600million and Waje accepted to do it if her mum agrees to it.
“@nenyeodogwuu: Can u slap ur mum for 600million dollars? @OfficialWaje #ASKWAJE” I’m sure she will advice me to slap her.”
According to the singer, she was certain that her mum would advice her to take the action because of the money involved.
at this stage of our lives and the way the world is revolving, could this attitude be right irrespective of any culture and tradition putting into consideration the pains of the Nine months journey as a mother?

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