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Armed Fulani Herdsmen Attack Christian Worshippers In Southern Kaduna



Armed herdsmen this morning attacked worshippers in a Catholic Church during Mass in a village known as Ungwan Powpow in Kachia local government of Kaduna State. A security source in the area confirmed the attack, adding that one worshipper was killed on the spot and three others sustained serious gunshot wounds before the attackers retreated.
Our source said security operatives, who arrived on the scene following a tip-off, had rushed the wounded worshippers to a hospital in the local area. “There would have been more dead people at that church today if we did not intervene as quickly as we did,” the security source said. He added that security agents were determined to identify those who planned and launched today’s attack in order to arrest them.
The site of the attack is located in the violence-prone southern part of Kaduna State where Fulani herdsmen frequently descend on residents of different communities in feuds that sometimes have to do with disputes over cattle grazing or religious differences.
A community source told SaharaReporters that members of his group were tired of the incessant attacks by the herdsmen, adding that the security agents must go after the attackers to avert a further deterioration of the climate of insecurity and violence.

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