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Ways To Avoid Contacting Ebola Disease, Things You Should Know



1. Do not touch or eat Rat, Monkey, Chimpanzee, Bat and other bush meats. If you must touch or eat them, always boil on an extensive heat for about four hours.
2. Do not hug a suspected victim .
3. Do not kiss a suspected victim
4.  Don’t have sex with a suspected victim. Even safe sex is not guaranteed.
5. Avoid all handshakes
6. Don’t touch any carcass (Dead body of any animal or human)
7. Always wash your hands.
8. If you notice anyone with nose, ear, eye or mouth bleeding, or any one with regular fatigue, diarrhoea, cough, fever, lumps, swollen or abnormal skin, distance yourself from such a person and report such to a nearest health centre.
9. If you are a health worker never attend to anyone with above symptoms without wearing protectives.
10. The virus has NO CURE. Victims are expected to die within two weeks of infection. It is deadlier than HIV.
If touching, handshaking or hugging a suspected victim can give you Ebola, what of exchange of money? This is because money is always touched by everyone including the victims and the virus dies only under an extensive heat so do we have to heat up money before touching?

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