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REVEALED: Ghanaian Footballer, Asamoah Gyan is An "Angel Of Death" Number 3



If there is one thing you can trust Ghanaians to do, it is to look for underlying reasons for any event, no matter how innocuous. People are always looking for the hand of the spiritual in whatever issue that happens in our physical world.
Therefore whenever any serious tragedy strikes, it does not take long for the conspiracy theorists to come out with their versions of what happened. No person of note can die a natural death in Ghana, and in Castro’s case it has not taken long for the theory surrounding his demise to come out, and this one links several past incidents, including Castro’s ‘death’, all to Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan.
There is a post floating around on social media concerning this issue, this is the post in its entirety…

A lil something to deliberate about…
After da world cup 2006 in Germany, Asamoah Gyan threw a big party at Infinity nyt club and b4 da party came to an end. ..Isaac Vorsah’s junior brother was confirmed dead through poisoning. ..
After da African cup in 2012… Asamoah Gyan was driving wit some frens to hang out and he knocked one guy down… da guy died and he sorted da family out. Da country took it as an accident.
After da world cup in south Africa… same Asamoah Gyan hanged out with som frens n wen they departed one guy was involved in an accident. ..
After Brazil world cup…Asamoah Gyan was said to b on a holiday with Castro n som people and now Castro and gf confirmed dead…”
The implication here is that Asamoah Gyan is somehow responsible for all these deaths, probably to fuel his wealth. As incredulous as it may seem that someone would spend their time to make this correlation, here we have it. The question now is; is it worth our time to examine it, or dismiss it for the nonsense it seems to be: truth, or superstition?
There is a saying in the language, ‘once is an incident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern’ If three is a pattern, what is four? Looking at it from that angle, one must admit it seems curious that one person would be a common denominator at all these incidents.
Yet a cursory check at facts and the whole story begins to unravel. Isaac Vorsah’s brother died in 2010, and reports on the location of the party remain sketchy. I remember at the time of the story people even said Vorsah was the target of the food poisoning.
For the other two accidents Gyan is alleged to have been involved in, one can only classify those as hearsay. There is little information out there and statements like “he sorted out the family” are easy to make without corroboration.
Castro’s death is the latest tragic incident and we’ve already started assigning sinister motives. Gyan and Castro have been buddies forever and whilst you can never read the mind of another human, it seem somehow far-fetched to me that Asamoah Gyan can in any way be held responsible for what happened just because he was on the scene.
In a country like ours, still stuck in the medieval ages when it comes to these matters of spirituality, there is often a thin line between the truth and superstition. However one other thing I know is that if you search hard enough, you can find a pattern in just about anything.
Stories and accusations like these would always flow around when tragic incidents like these occur, it’s just how we are wired.
I am more concerned on what it says about us as a people that we are always looking for these superstitious explanations to events, rather than tackle the issues it raises in a rational and logical manner.
What do you think?

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