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PHOTO NEWS: Python Swallows Antelope In Front Of Shocked Villagers



I should have shared these photos earlier yesterday but I guess it’s not yet late, if it is pardon me:
A wildlife expert took photos of giant python swallowing a baby antelope on the edge of an open field at village in India.
After being tipped off about the spectacle, Nitish Bambhaniya accompanied by a member of his team dashed 25 miles to the tiny village of Billa in the Indian state of Gujarat to photograph the huge snake’s astonishing digestive feat.
On arrival, the expert found the giant snake – an Indian rock python – who was trying to swallow a nilgai, also known as a blue bull. However, the snake stopped swallowing the antelope and let go of its lifeless prey as people from the village gathered nearby.
According to Mr Bambhaniya, pythons can shed body weight and escape faster.
“I got a call in the morning for an Indian rock python. When we reached the spot, we saw this massive python. The python had hunted a baby blue bull and had already eaten 80% of the bull’s body.
“It is on the edge of an open field, so lots of locals start gathering there,” Nitish, who runs the Red Headed Vulture Nature Club, said.
A number of locals wanted to kill the snake because the python would be a risk to children, but the wildlife expert convinced the villagers not to kill the python. Later the snake was caught and handed it over to the forest department officials.
The python was released by the officials in a nearby forest, before slithering away to freedom.
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