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Nigerian Police Tortures Yahoo Boy To Death



This is the story of an easy going aluminum product dealer identified as Kazeem Oyolola who was said to have been tortured to death during an investigation by the police after his arrest at a beer parlour.
Read an eyewitness account of the story:
“I was sitting in front of my shop when the police van passed. They had initially come during the sanitation to pursue some traders away, but when they got here, we were already through with the exercise.
“Kazeem and his two friends were relaxing in the next shop. The policemen just asked them to come inside the van, and took them away. We did not know what they were arrested for. In the afternoon when we went to the station, we were not allowed to enter.
“At evening time, when I came back to check, I heard he had been taken to a nearby hospital, and that his condition was critical. By the next morning, we heard that Kazeem had died, while his two friends who received similar wounds had been released by the police to go and take care of themselves. The youth in the area staged a protest against the incident.”
A tenant at the deceased’s residence said:
When I got to the hospital, his parents had arrived to look after him. His hands and legs were swollen. His mouth was wide open and he could not talk. You could see several bleeding spots all over his body. I do not know what information the police received, but I can tell you that Kazeem is an easygoing man in this area. He is a trader who deals in Aluminium products, and he has a younger brother who stayed with him. He should not have died in this cruel way.”
It was learnt that the police had arrested Oyolola and his friends as suspected Internet fraudsters, otherwise known as Yahoo boys.
They were tortured in a bid to get them to confess to the crime but Oyinlola sustained life threatening injuries that eventually led to his death.
This is So sad! May God console his grieving parents.
Yahoo Guys beware

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