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Men Are Like Babies, Every Man Wants To Have Sex With Me- Afrocandy



When asked Any memorable experience as an actress?
The only experience I had so far was when some guys would start jerking off while talking to me on the telephone. Even some men would call me and start negotiating how much they would pay to have sex with me. I would just start laughing at them. Men are like babies, little things get to their brains.
I’m in showbiz, so I just do things to entertain people. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re open to everybody and you want to have sex with every Tom, Dick and Harry. No, it’s not a national cake. All I do is entertain, so that when you see it, you feel good.
Which part of your body is the sexiest to you?
To me, my whole body is sexy. I don’t have any specific part I’ll say is the sexiest
Did you enhance your boobs?
I’ve always been like this.
Do you think this is true?

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