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Married Man Attempts Suicide Because His 18-Year-Old Girlfriend Denied Him Sex



Residents of the Bay Bridge Road area of Yenagoa, the Bayelsa capital, were treated to a drama of sorts at the weekend when a married man tried to kill himself.
The reason for his action was even more ludicrous as he told all present that he did not want to live anymore because his teenage girlfriend had refused him sex.
The 40-year-old man, identified simply as Ediekan, had reportedly spent a lot of money on one Favour, a girl of 18 who also lived in the neighbourhood, but she had refused to share his bed.
The married father of two then decided to end his life when he discovered that his love interest was sleeping with another man and he even informed his wife of his curious predicament.
She said:
Early in the morning, as he stood up from the bed, I tried to hold him back but he broke loose and went outside.
Even then, I didn’t know that he had already got a rope and some chairs where he intended to hang himself. But after a while, I saw him with a rope around his neck and his legs dangling in the air.
I immediately raised the alarm and neighbours came around and used cutlass to cut off the rope.”
Ediekan was eventually persuaded to give up the suicide attempt after neighbours made Favour pledge her love to him in the presence of all

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