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MADNESS: Man Marries Crocodile In Traditional Ceremony



The mayor of the coastal town of San Pedro Huamelula in southern Mexico has married a female crocodile.

An unbelievable wedding ceremony is a part of a local tradition, which, according to the locals, will boost catches of fish, shrimp and other seafood along the Pacific coast.
During the symbolic ceremony the reptile is treated like a princess, she is wearing a bridal veil and having fun.
First the bridegroom danced with his new wife in his arms before guests joined in. Happy mayor Joel Vasquez Rojas said: “It’s my wish to marry the young princess.”
Local resident Eduardo Zarate explained: “As young people, this means a lot. It’s the greatest treasure our ancestors have left us.”
In case anyone was wondering, the money needed to throw this wedding party for mayor and his crocodile sweetheart were provided by members of the local council

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