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KADUNA BOMB BLAST: 18-Yr-Old Boy Whose Eye Was Blown Off Begs For His Life, See Photo



The victim of the first explosion, which rocked Kaduna July 23, is fighting for his life at the Yusuf Dantsoho Memorial Hospital.
Recounting his ordeal to The Nation correspondent, the 18-year-old boy named Ahmadu Bala keeps screaming:
“Please, don’t let me die. Please, fly me abroad; I don’t want to die.”
Ahmadu’s right eye was blown off during the blast, thus his head is bandaged. One of scores of attack victims, the young man narrated how it all happened:
“I was on my way back from ‘Tafsir’ (Ramadan lecture) at Murtala Square when I heard a loud sound and before I knew what was happening, I found myself on the floor, far away from where I remember standing. I felt my head was very heavy. My right eye had been blown off by the bomb and I lost consciousness.”
Ahmadu regained consciousness only at the hospital. According to the information gathered by the journalists from their source, his injury was the most serious among those admitted to the hospital after the attack:
“When they brought him, we quickly took him to the operating room, took care of the wound and he is now stable and partially responding to treatment.”
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The source however explained that Ahmadu’s skull was badly affected and it it’s not treated quickly, the wound can get infected, and they stressed the importance of flying him abroad “as a matter of urgency” for proper treatment.
The victim also begged the authorities:
“I am pleading with the Kaduna State government to look into my plight and save my life and the lives of others affected by the bomb.”
It would be recalled that a twin explosion occurred in Kaduna on Wednesday. According to the latest data provided by the police 40 people were killed both the attacks, while the unofficial sources put the figure at 82. No group has claimed responsibility for the bombings. However it is believed that the first attack targeted Sheikh Bauchi, and the second one – Nigerian former head of state Gen. Buhari

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