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'Sex Is The Sweetest Thing That Could Ever Happen To Anyone'- Ine



Cross River State-born sexy actress-turned-singer, Ine Aju, a.k.a Miss. Independent has been explaining to whoever cares to listen why she dumped acting for music.
In a chat with Matinee, the talented singer said, “I still love acting and there is possibilities that I will hit the movie set again. But for now, I want to concentrate on my music.”
Speaking further, she said, “I stopped acting as a result of incessant demand for sex by the producers before you can be given a role in a movie.
The practice was becoming unbearable for me, coupled with the fact that singing is much more rewarding than acting.

I can still act if I get good roles. I am not saying that sex is not good. In fact, sex to me is the sweetest thing that could ever happen to anyone especially, when you have it with the right person. But definitely, not using it as an exchange for a role.

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