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"PDP Hired Killers To Assassinate APC Members"- APC Director of Publicity and Strategy Reveals



A conspiracy theory to assassinate four top APC leaders were alleged by the All Progressives Congress members in Osun State on Friday, 11 July.
According to controversial information provided by the Director of Publicity and Strategy of APC in Osun State, Mr. Kunle Oyatomi, the lives of the first civilian Governor of the state, Senator Isiaka Adeleke, Elder Peter Babalola (aka Peter Action), Chief Olu Abiola and Alhaji Fatai Oyedele are endangered.
The supposed death list was composed by the Peoples Democratic Party members at a meeting in Lagos on Thursday, 10 July. Despite seriousness of the allegations no actual evidence of the planned assassination was provided.
“The PDP had contracted the assassination of four top APC leaders to hired killers from the Niger Delta for immediate execution. The hired killers have already commenced surveillance on the four leaders.
We are therefore alerting Nigerians of the horrible dimension to which PDP’s desperation for power has taken. PDP in the State of Osun has gone berserk and their diabolical lust for power has become so murderous that they seem to care less about innocent lives,” APC said

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