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Ford Set To Unveil 17 New Vehicle For Africa



Ford has announced that it is set to unveil 25 exciting new vehicles in Middle East and African markets by 2016 as part of its aggressive expansion plans in its newest business unit, Middle East and Africa (MEA).
Spanning Saudi Arabia to South Africa, and Nigeria to Kenya, Ford’s new MEA unit is comprised of 67 markets.  Under the new plant, Ford will unveil 17 new products in sub-Sahara Africa which Nigeria falls under.
“Ford is bringing a full family of safe, high quality, fuel efficient and fun-to-drive cars, trucks and SUVs to customers throughout the Middle East and Africa region,” said Jim Benintende president, Ford Middle East and Africa who briefed the press during the recently concluded Ford Go Further event in South Africa.
“MEA is the final frontier for global growth in the auto industry and thanks to the power of our One Ford plan, we are able to offer vehicles here that our customers want and value.”
Vehicle sales in the MEA are expected to grow by 40 percent by the end of the decade to 5.5 million vehicles.  Ford is putting the right structure and people in place in order to bring a full family of vehicles that customers will want to the region.
Ford’s MEA business unit underscores Ford’s commitment to customers in a region where Ford and Lincoln sales grew up to 60 percent in the past four years.
To take advantage of growth opportunities, Ford has combined the four regions of North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa and the Middle East into a single business unit, with all sales, share and financial reporting consolidated for the 67 Ford markets. The new Ford Middle East and Africa operation – Ford’s fifth global business unit – is headquartered in Dubai.
“The Middle East and Africa region is vast and is comprised of very diverse markets with different political, cultural and economic environments,” Benintende said. “In order to best support the region it is imperative that we establish a robust operation with a dedicated focus and clear understanding of the unique conditions and customer needs in these markets.”
To attain that dedicated focus and support the diversity of the markets, Middle East and Africa is now being managed in two sub-regions – South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East and North Africa. While regional operations are headquartered in Dubai, Ford maintains regional offices in both South Africa and Dubai.
“The new business unit will give the region the focus it deserves and help spearhead Ford’s continued growth in emerging markets. Africa is one of the youngest markets in the world, and there is an opportunity to provide an affordable product for the people of the continent,” he continued.
Benintende emphasised that priorities include supporting Ford’s dealer network throughout the Middle East and Africa to service customer needs. Ford currently sells about 200,000 vehicles a year throughout the Middle East and Africa region.

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