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Bunch of Live Snakes Tangled In Electric Wires In Benin (Photos)



An resident of Benin City has sent us some strange photos. Reportedly, residence of Market Road in Ekosodin, Benin City, woke up yesterday morning July 2nd to find several snakes bunched up and tangled in the electric wires in the street.
    “We have been confused and keep on wondering just how they got there. We eventually looked for a way to get rid of them by removing them and using the electric power to burn them. We don’t know the means by which they got there o, whether its through spiritual means, we are still wondering. May God help us” He said
Reminds me of that final scene in the Indian movie, Snake Girl. Remember when the snake girl fell from a building as a snake, landed on a railing and then changed into a human being?
Is this witch craft night flight or what?

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