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BEWARE: 'Lagos Now the New Target of Boko Haram'- International Risk Analyst



It seems that attacks carried out by the Nigerian-born terrorist network Boko Haram are becoming bolder, targeting more and more regions of Nigeria. International risk analysts have tried to calculate which area could become the next important objective for the sect, and why.
Roddy Barclay and Thomas Hansen are senior analysts at Control Risks, the global risk consultancy. The duo have penned an article for the Forbes Magazine entitled Contemplating Boko Haram’s Next Move. In it, the security analysts look closely at Lagos as the next potential destination in Boko Haram’s deadly procession across Nigeria.
First, it seems that Lagos is “insulated—if not removed—from the security concerns,” as the sect usually raids the opposite end of Nigeria’s territory. Even Abuja seems to be more prone to the attacks, as it is “conveniently” located in the middle of the country. Investors sill show much interest in Lagos despite the “deteriorating security situation in much of Nigeria”.

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