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"I am a Proud Member of Ogboni Fraternity" -Shocking Revelation by A Cherubim And Seraphim Founder



5-year-old Prophet Solomon Oladimeji, the founder of Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Orisun-Ayo has shocked many after proudly revealing in an interview that he is a top member of the Ogboni fraternity.
Prophet Solomon who has been in the ministry for over four decades has church branches at Alapere, Ketu, and Odogunyan in Ikorodu area of Lagos said Ogboni members derive power from God.
He said they don’t hold meetings in secret again rather everything about them is open as they hold their general meet­ings on the 1st Sunday of every month in broad daylight.
The pastor who said he be­longs to Saala Ogboni Fellowship of Nigeria (SOFN) – within the fraternity – where he oc­cupies the position of Oluwo and the third in command to the overall head of the fraternity opens up to The Sun about his member of the ‘Ogboni’ fraternity, how pastors come to their meetings for powers, amongst other things.
He said: “I am not ashamed to confess my mem­bership of the fraternity. I’m proud to be Og­boni member. In actual fact, being an Ogboni leader has made me not only a good disciple of Jesus Christ, but it has also gone a long way to make me a better citizen,”
“As a member of Ogboni fraternity, my life is having a meaning. I have prospered. My coast has been enlarged. Members of my congregation are increasing everyday. I also thank God that due to my diligence as a committed member, I have been able to rise to the enviable position of Oluwo within the Ogboni fraternity,” he proudly told Saturday Sun

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