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Adamawa State Governor Nyako To Retire, Deputy Set to Take Over



The Adamawa state crisis seems to have no ending soon, As Governor Murtala Nyako is looking to retire from office.
A seven-member panel was made by the Adamawa state Chief Judge, Ambrose Mammadi,to look into the accusations, started the hearing today in Yola.
The panel had ignored the public holiday called by the governor yesterday and started its hearing amidst tight security.
People were saying Nyako had called the public holiday yesterday to stall the impeachment process, but his spokesman denied it and said it was to enable citizens of the state pray for the return of peace to the state.
Reporters were denied access to the hearing but a source close to Mr. Nyako, revealed that the Governor is on his way back to the Adamawa state capital to tender his resignation letter.
The source told Premium Times: “His Excellency is on his way back to resign so that his Deputy can take over,”.
It also seems like Nyako end game is to resign and allow his deputy take over, this will make the Speaker of the Assembly, Umaru Fintiri, to also leave office.
The source continued: “You know the speaker and the deputy governor come from the same town and local government, so once the Deputy Governor is sworn in, he (the speaker) will have to resign too,”.
“Turaki (Mr. Abubakar) still enjoys the loyalty of some of the lawmakers and the plot now is to use his might to ensure that the required 2/3 majority is not achieved to remove the governor,”The source said.
The seven man committee was set up by the Chief Justice allegedly coerced by unknown gunmen.

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