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A Dutch Passenger In The Doomed Malaysian Flight Jokingly Predicted The Incident Hours Before



A Dutch passenger named Cor Pan who was in the doomed Malaysian flight was said to have jokingly posted a picture of the plane on tarmac before the journey started with the caption ‘If it disappears, this is what it looks like.’
It would be recalled that in March, a Malaysian aircraft MH370 with 239 passengers was lost for days and after many speculations and investigations, the Beijing bound flight was said to have crashed even getting to its destination with no one alive. Cor Pan is believed to have posted this haunting image of the plane on his Facebook account in reference to the March missing Malaysian aircraft.
At first, many friends who saw the picture update on Facebook laughed about it wishing him safe landing until news broke that a Malaysian passenger plane with 295 people on board has crashed in Ukraine near the Russian border which made many friends who had earlier saw the photo to want to confirm if it was not the same plane Cor Pan and his girlfriend, Neeltje Tol were on.
With Cor Pan’s cousin confirming that it was the same flight by posting the flight number as one of the comments underneath the picture, the picture which Cor Pan took some minutes before his flight and updated it as a joke some six hours back turned into a section for an array of touching and heartfelt tributes to the self-employed traveller.
Some of the comments after it was confirmed that Cor Pan was in the aircraft which was shot down by terrorists at the Russian-Ukraine border killing all the 295 people on board were so touching

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