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4 Signs to Show That You Need Sex



We all need someone to create special moments with because the success attained are worth nothing with no one to share them with
Everyone, even the most independent of humans, need human companionship – a special someone to share some special moments with.
You may be a busy man or woman, chasing the Naira bills from airport terminal to sea port to train station. Still, at some point, you’ll slow down and feel the need for a companion.
Sometimes we do not know that we need that one person, until depression has eaten a deep hole inside.
So here are 4 signs to know that you need someone to rub hearts with.
1.You feel pretty empty when you’re not working. Work is your refuge. So when work is over, you feel like you’re going into  dungeon. That is the biggest sign to tell you that you need a friend. You can no longer satisfy yourself.
2.You watch too much porn, even at work.  Hmm, a lot of ‘busy’ people are in this category. Because they have no one to satisfy their sexual needs, porn is the easy way out. When porn stops being a curiosity and starts being a necessity, you should think of getting a partner.
3.You have become regular ‘masturbator’ and you feel under pressure to masturbate even outside your home. You are really in trouble when you get to this stage. In most cases, this masturbation only gives you very transient satisfaction and even annoys you after you achieve the self-induced ‘orgasm’. Very bad! The possibility of you committing a sex crime (especially the guys) is high. Please get a partner!
4.You find yourself looking at every man or woman you see sexually. That is, you imagine sex with every man or woman you meet. You really to go out there fast and get your heart connected to someone before you commit a crime or your are slapped for over-looking.
It is better you go out there, yes right now, and give your heart out to someone that can give you emotional and physical satisfaction, paid or free.
“It is better to love and lose than to never love at all!”

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