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WTF: 5-Year-Old Indian Boy's Penis Chopped Off For Urinating In Public



A five-year-old boy’s penis was cut off  late Tuesday, for urinating in the field of a villager in Uttar Pradesh, Northern India, Police report on Wednesday.
According to the Police report, Ritesh, 5, son of a labourer named Sheshram wandered into a field and was caught urinating by the owner, Durgesh Maurya who did not only thrash him but also chop off his penis.
The profusely bleeding boy somehow reached home and raised an alarm and was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where he is currently undergoing treatment, according to Firstpost India.
Meanwhile, the boy’s father has reportedly lodged a complaint with the police against Durgesh Maurya — owner of the field — and his son.
Police has assured that the criminal will be apprehended but he’s currently said to be on the run.
What punishment then goes for those excreting or having sex in public?

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