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Reasons Nigeria should be divided?



The rate of attack by the boko haram sect has intensified, and it seems the FG have no idea on what next to do. People in the country now live in fear not knowing what could happen next.
Recently the Biafra Zionist Movement (BZM) attacked a radio station just to make a broadcast and the FG was quick in detaining innocent men who were fighting for their freedom from Nigeria, whereas the Boko Haram members who had wasted several lives and properties are yet to be brought to justice.
People wonder what are the northern leaders doing to crop this or are there part of it? or is it obvious that the different tribes,religion and culture in Nigeria can’t coexist ?
So now over to you, With the Boko Haram insurgence in the North, and the threat by the Biafra Zionist Movement in the south east, do you think Nigeria should be divided or remain as one?
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