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'Suarez is a Relapsed ‘cokehead’—Psychiatrist



Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has had all kinds of labels thrust upon since the game with Italy but ‘cokehead’ is probably one of the more severe. Dutch newspaper AD are one of many media outlets who have drafted in a psychiatrist to explain the actions of Liverpool’s star player.
That man is called Bram Bakker and he reckons that what Suarez did was like a drug addict staying off their addiction for a while and then relapsing, he thinks Suarez needs professional help.
“It is a short circuit. Someone who can’t control when the pressure is large. It struck me that immediately after that action there was a despondent impression. Repentant, like a cokehead who for months has been clean and then made a mistake.”
Bakker thinks that if Suarez only demonstrates this kind of behaviour on the pitch then it can be treated with behavioural therapy. However, if the Liverpool player ‘short circuits’ in situations in his general life then it’s all the more worrying for Suarez and would present a more serious issue.

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