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"Musa, Emenike will knock out France" — Keshi



Many out here in Brazil feel that the French national team have good players who can run down Nigeria when the two countries face each other in the second round of the World Cup on Monday.
Karim Benzema has been touted as the portent striker that would cause trouble for the Super Eagles who rattled Argentina before going down 3 -2.
Stephen Keshi was asked what he thought about the probability of Nigeria facing Karim Benzema. He replied quick as a flash: “And France will be facing Musa, Emenike … ”
There are reasons to be confident after a performance in which Eagles caused problems for Argentina and showed that on a good day, the African champions are as good as any of the teams to go all the way.
“All the teams are good. It doesn’t matter [who you face],” Keshi noted. “You have to appreciate that. It is only Nigeria that don’t appreciate that. Nigerians always think that every team we face we have to kill them 5-0, 10-0. It doesn’t work that way.”

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