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ADVICE PLEASE: I Sold my Engagement Ring



We got this message from a reader;
I never knew it will result to big problem like this!
I have been dating my man for closely a year and six months now, and last year he proposed to me which i accepted and he gave me a ring to seal the love. on Dec 29th 2013 he came wit his pple to see my pple and since then he has cleared all d wine carrying, what remains is our tradi and wedding BUT something happened! that last year around October i went to visit my friend i was wearing d ring and she told me that d ring is gold and worth thousands, she adviced me to sell it off, which we did ( ‪#‎36K‬)
NOW my hubby asked of d ring and i told him d truth he sent words to my parents that everything is canceled,
i hav begged him with my family and friends but he refused,
Pls advice me on what to do, i know i’ve made d mistake cynthia is my name

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