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Vigilantes Cut Off Man's Penis After Alleged Raping Of 3-Yr-Old Girl



An unidetified group of lynchers attacked an aged man after he allegedly raped an infant in Brazil.
It’s still unclear who carried out the attack on Castro, but there are some assumptions of girl’s angry relatives engaged According to local reports, a 66-year-old Francisco de Souza de Castro raped a 3-year-old girl on the rural ranch where he worked. As the girl returned home later than usual her mother smelled
a rat and spotted some signs of the attack.
After the assault an angry mob pounced on the lusty man cutting off his reproductive organ and three fingers in Severinia, Sao Paulo state. It was learnt that the man, along with his recovered penis, was
immediately taken to hospital where he was being treated.
The man had undergone a reconstructive surgery but unsuccessfully – neither penis nor his fingers were re-attached. The identities of the assailants are still not established but there are some assumptions of girl’s angry relatives engaged.
The police hope that Castro would be able to identify his assailants as he was conscious during the attack. The forensics tests results are not ready yet but the police confirmed the rape case. The case is still under investigation.

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