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Tips to become a successful blogger



Many people rush into owning a blog site just because a friend told them how they make money through Google AdSense,and with this intention they rush into blogging to make quick money. After being disapproved by Google several time, they get frustrated and quite blogging.
Here are the things you must have in mind before going into blogging :-
1). First be ready to blog for the first six months for fun,don’t just intend to make quick money.
2). Don’t put all your hope on Google AdSense as a way of monetising your site , we have many AdSense alternative like Clicksor,Chitika,Addynmo,Infolinks, and many other affiliated program like Konga,Amazon etc .
3). Learn to focus on a particular niche, this we make it easy for you to get AdSense approval.
4). You must be consistence, so as to keep your readers and visitors . If you fail to do so,you might end up losing all visitor to a more consistence blogger.
5.) Finally keep your blog design simple ,this will reduce your bounce rate, since your reader won’t have to wait for long before you page complete it loading. So you have to avoid using heavy image in your design.
Hope this helps,keep blogging and happy blogging !
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