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Soldiers Mutiny In Maiduguri, GOC Flees



Some soldiers of the 7th Division of the Nigerian Army have reportedly mutinied in their barracks against the General Officer Commanding (GOC), Major General Abubakar Mohammed.
According to SaharaReporters, several soldiers shot sporadically into the air at Maimalari Barracks, Maiduguri, Borno State. The base is also home to the Artillery Corps and the Ordinance.
Undisclosed insiders further noted that the situation was extremely tense. The GOC had to escape for fear of being assaulted by angry soldiers.
One of the possible reasons for the mutiny was soldiers’ complains that adequate weaponry has not been provided to them.
“We the soldiers don’t have the kind of arms and ammunition that [Boko Haram] fighters have. So everyday, they kill our men anyhow, but it is never published in the media,” a source said.
These words could be confirmed from a source on twitter, according to which war with Boko Haram claimed the life of another hero. Lt Odushina Oluwafemi was killed in Maiduguri on May 13, 2014, Tuesday.
Another reason for unrest in the barracks was delay in payment of allowances and unclear situation with allowances of the deceased soldiers.
Finally, the mutinying personnel expressed anger that troop rotation system is almost not working, so they have few chances to be redeployed and take a break from bloody and exhausting war with Boko Haram fighters.
The locals have also confirmed that sounds of sporadic gunfire were overheard in the area of barracks.
“We thought that may be Boko Haram was attacking and the army was trying to push them back,” a resident said.
However, the official reaction on the incident is still awaited.
It would be added that the 7th Division is a newly-formed unit devoted to battling the Islamist Boko Haram sect. General Mohammed was appointed as the GOC in February 2014.
Nigerian Army is experiencing tough times, especially in the North East. Huge risks, low wages, absence of some supplies are only few of the existing problems which have a negative impact on morale of the troops. Moreover, objects in Maiduguri become targets for Boko Haram fighters from time to time, if we recall a massive attack on Giwa Barracks on March 14, 2014.

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