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Scientists Discover How You Can Control Your Dreams



After several attempts without success, researchers in Germany have finally developed a way of enabling sleepers to control their dreams.
According to the scientists who carried out the research, by applying electric current to the brain one can experience sweet dreams.
It was gathered that the new breakthrough could enable sleepers to control their dreams by applying an electric current to the brain which prompts lucid dreams, involving a state of heightened awareness.
It was added that the current prompts lucid dreams, which involve a state of heightened awareness that allows the sleeper to recognise they are dreaming and influence what happens next.
It could be recalled that something similar to the new concept was explored in the hit movie Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
However, unlike the film where DiCaprio’s character infiltrates the dreams of others to implant ideas and steal information, the study only involved sleepers controlling their own dreams.

In carrying out the new study, scientists tested 27 participants with no previous experience of lucid dreaming over several nights.
After three minutes of uninterrupted Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep a weak alternating electric current was applied to their scalps.
The scientists targeted the frontal and temporal brain regions where high-frequency “gamma” brainwaves had previously been associated with lucid dreaming.
A few seconds after the brain stimulation the volunteers were awakened and reported having lucid dreams.
Stimulation at a frequency of 40 hertz both raised gamma activity and induced lucid dreaming.
It also correlated with specific aspects of lucid dreams, such as insight – realising you are dreaming – control over the dream plot, and dreaming in the third person.

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