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PHOTO: Teacher And Students In Trouble After Watching Porn In Class



Two high school students were suspended and their lusty teacher was put on a paid leave after they got in a rather sticky situation in Kansas city, USA.
The incident had happened in a JC Harmon High School classroom when one of the students took a pornographic photo and sent it to another one. According to the students’ parents, during the lesson the
teacher turned on the projector and his laptop, whereupon a pornographic picture appeared.
One of the schoolgirls was so shocked, she took a picture and sent it to her boyfriend. The picture shows the laptop and projector plus an image of a naked woman in a compromising position from behind.
Later the picture was posted to Facebook and the inner school investigation began. Primarily two of the students were given two- days suspension for using their mobile phones in class and the teacher was placed on a paid leave.
The students’ parents were so upset with the incident as they couldn’t understand why their children should suffer for the teacher’s negligence. They fear that this case could badly affect their children’s future and tarnish their reputation of good students.
They tried to talk to the school administration about appealing the decision but nothing worked. The school authorities did not comment on the situation.

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