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Mother Kills Her Newborn Baby In Order Not To Sacrifice Her Sex Life



Twenty-year-old woman from Germany is charged with murder of her newborn baby because she was afraid the child would be hindrance to her “extensive sexual and social life”.
According to the prosecution the woman confessed to having slit the the child’s throat 30 minutes after the delivery using a carpet cutter, The Mirror reports.
“You could not bear the thought of your far-reaching sexual and social contacts being jeaopardised by this baby,” the prosecutor said.
Koenig reportedly gave birth to a child last February at her mother’s house and killed the baby boy so she could go out to a disco. Then she put the dead body into a shopping basket and hid it in beneath the walkway not far from their house.
Almost 2 weeks later the woman was arrested. Upon the police arrival, Koenin’s mother wrote a note saying: “I know what my daughter did” and committed suicide.
After the first day of the trial the suspect merrily waved at some of friends in court.
If convicted she will be imprisoned for life.

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